Ra'atira Nui:
Kamuela & Christina Rodrigues

Ra'atira Pupu:

Ashley Jardine

 Wahine & Tane classes will be taught by multi award winning soloist:

"Ra'atira Ashley Kaulana Jardine"


Tahitian Ahuroa Music

 Iorana Tatou! We are Te Tama Porinetia translated it means The Polynesian Child. We offer advanced & beginner Tahitian classes to kane & wahine of all ages  (5 & up).

The Tiare Apetahi Flower from the majestic slopes of Ra'iatea Island so rare that it's mythical.

"The only explanation of how the Tiare Apatahi came to grow on Raiatea's highest slope comes from Polynesian legend. Long ago, the beautiful Apetahi fled to the Temehani Plateau after a terrible argument with her husband after she discovered he had cheated on her. She was so sad she wanted to die. In her sorrow she dug a hole, cut off her hand and buried it. Soon after, she died from blood loss. Many years later some locals were out looking for bamboo and heard a strange sound. They followed the noise and came across a small plant that grew right where Apetahi had buried her hand. Immediately they saw the similarities between the delicate five-finger petals of the flower and the lovely hand of Apetahi. Tiare means flower in Tahitian so the flower was named Tiare Apetahi after the woman and her tragic story."

All Tahitian and Polynesian Costumes were made and created by Kahiwas Kreations.

Kahiwas Kreations
PO Box 51
Kahului, Hawaii 96733

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