Iorana and Happy New Year everyone!

Now that the holidays are over  (whew!!) we can get down to some serious class time =).

First of all I would like to welcome to our pupu ori, Alex, Charvette, Danish and Jaylynn. All 4 of you are doing an awesome job. Keep up the hard work. I promise you that it will all pay off one day. We will be starting an Ahuroa Class (slow tahitian) in Feb. of this year. I will keep you updated on that. Our lovely Ra'atira Ashley has returned safe and sound from her stint in Jakarta Indonesia. She will soon be travelling to another far off destination soon.


We have moved our pupu ori to Sprecklesville. Please call me or email me and I will give you the directions. Thank you to Megan K. and her ohana for being so kind and gracious.

Keep up the hard work and shake, shake, shake.