Our Ra'atira Ashley Jardine will be going to Jakarta Indonesia for an entire month to dance Tahitian for Cirque Indonesia! We hope that you will have a fabulous time and stay safe. We look forward to your return the end of December. Good luck Ashley!!!

Sheena is off to Japan this Monday. She will also be gone for an entire month as well. Keep practicing Sheena and we will see you in January 2011.

We also have 2 new recruits. Carol Milliken (gracious ladies class) and Whitlee Souza (under 7 yrs class). You both did outstanding this past saturday! Keep practicing you are on your way.

Our wonderful Megan is doing a fantastic job on her Tahitian dance moves and spreading the word for our pupu ori! Mahalo Nui Megan! BTW.....  beautiful fliers and great job doing your first solo this past practice!

To all haumana... class time has been changed!!! Please review the pupu ori calendar. If you have any questions please call me. Great job guys keep up the good work and I will see this Saturday!