Learn how to dance Tahitian and or Hula by a professionally trained Polynesian dancer :Ashley Kaulana Jardine!

**Specializing in solos, couples and groups up to 12  persons. **

Take more than just a souvenir or 2 back home...

Learn an authentic village dance from the islands of  Tahiti or Hawaii. Have fun and take home a memory that will last a life time. 

 It's easy!! Our trained professionals are well versed in the language, songs and dances of Polynesia, and these lessons are open to adults and children of all ages.

Learn the implement hulas ulii ulii/ipu/puili. 

Ulii Ulii-Feather Rattler

Ipu-Hollowed out gourd

Puili-Split Bamboo

E Komo Mai....We invite you to come in to take a closer look at Te Tama porinetia, enriching the lives of our Ka'amaina and our many treasured visitors.

Please contact us for pricing and to reserve your class today!

808-757-1077 or 757-1115

tetamaporinetia@yahoo.com mauiloaweddings@yahoo.com

nonosina - TE TAMA MAOHI.mp3



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